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Knowledge and Development International Education, KD International Education group is an Australian/Saudi Arabian educational enterprise Est: 2016 to promote and support Australian institutions internationally, and provide them with cross-cultural consultations to work in the region.

Our story

Knowledge and Development International Education (KD International Education) has been developed by experts of the Australian education system and the international education markets. Those individuals observed the needs of students in the international education market, and came up with an entrepreneurial solution to promote the Australian educational institutions.
They realised that many university partners (agents) have shifted their attention from promoting Australian Institutions to the US, UK and Europe for several economic factors and preference of students and sponsors. KD International Education is committed to promoting the Australian Education everywhere starting from the Middle East specifically Iran, Saudi Arabia to South Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, South East Asia and Japan.


The purpose of the company is to promote the Australian universities, colleges and other educational centres to the world. We are to facilitate and improve the overall learning and educational experience for our clients internationally. KD International Education obliged to provide accurate, honest and reliable consultations and services to clients to best pursue their careers and education.


To be a professional educational consultancy that provides the best help, support and solutions for education seekers by establishing user-friendly online platform and international offices. Also, to be one of the most trusted education consultancies, by appointing experienced multilingual and professional staff and mentors for international students to meet their special needs.

Goals and Objectives

  • KD International Education aims to promote the Australian education internationally.
  • KD International Education aims to provide students with accurate counselling for correct placement according to his/her academic profile.
  • KD International Education also will liaise with Australian corporates and distinguished academics for Staff Professional Development and Student Career Development Programs to be run internationally and locally.
  • KD International Education aims to assist Australian universities in regards to relationship developments, identifying projects and opportunities and through cross-cultural consultations.
  • KD International Education will work with Australian institutes to set up recruitment strategies in order to meet their goals and aims in the regions.
  • KD International Education aims to provide international students with information sessions to be well prepared before and after departure.
  • KD International Education aims to keep well diverse team to meet students’ demands.
  • KD International Education aims to have its centers and offices well established panerai replica internationally to reach students and assist in reaching Australian universities internationally.

The above will be achieved through cooperating with universities and other stakeholders (sponsors and government bodies) to identify the need and match with offerings.

Marketing Strategy

How KD International Education plan to market the Australian Institutions?

  • KD International Education has constructed a user-friendly website that is conveniently accessible to students and within several languages.
  • KD International Education currently is investing more than $20k to promote itself and Australian Education in the Middle East and other designated markets, with different languages using google ads and other means of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Additionally, KD International Education Team is well connected with sponsors, universities, ministries and students that will be used to build projects and assist in student placement from various regions.
  • Relationship development is vital in many regions in order to attract attention and KD International Education team is well prepared to maintain and build the required relationships.
  • KD International Education will run roadshows and individual university events in the Middle East.

KDI distinctiveness

  • The main distinction of KD International Education that makes it unique is in its most valuable assets; the human resources which has experienced the Australian education at different levels and speak various languages and from various backgrounds.
  • KD International Education management has a vision of supporting the Australian education globally.
  • KD International Education counsellors and Regional Managers capable of bringing a closer picture of Australia to students.
  • KD International Education is also distinguished that it will do the effort to establish relationships with Australian Corporates to identify Student Career Development programs that brings value to the students’ UG or PG qualification.

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