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Australia has many busy and vibrant cities, but unlike some of the larger capitals around the world access to quality and affordable student accommodation is easy if you seek the assistance of our Accommodation Service.


Accommodation plays an important part in building a solid foundation to academic success for students. Finding comfortable accommodation, in a convenient location with the right people is important and may take time. Factors such as budget, length of stay and whether you want to live alone or with others will influence your decision.

Most Universities encourages new students to research all available housing options before they arrive at University so they can establish a realistic expectation and budget for accommodation (including the cost of utilities) and other living expenses. Some University offers students the following approach to successfully identifying an accommodation option that will meet each individuals specific needs and serve to enhance their education experience.

Getting around the city is quick, easy and traffic jams are rare. With a welcoming atmosphere and a mild climate, Australia offers a relaxed lifestyle with the conveniences of city living. There are many opportunities to live close to University with a range of accommodation options available within walking distance or a short bus ride. Depending on the type of accommodation you choose, single students should budget between $195–420 per week for living expenses. If you live in University-managed accommodation, your fees cover the majority of your living expenses. Students accompanied by family members find private rental accommodation more suitable than other options.

The Accommodation Service provides a first point of contact for students considering their housing options or looking to secure accommodation prior to, or during their time at the University of Adelaide. The Accommodation Service can also provide information pertaining to:

  • University-managed accommodation
  • Residential colleges
  • Commercial student accommodation
  • Share / Rental accommodation
  • Temporary accommodation and arrival services

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