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All translations are completed by translators credentialed by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), where available.


The Translating Service is available for translating documents into English. Personal documents intended for settlement purposes are also accepted for translation. There are four broad groups of documents eligible for the Translating Service:

Identity and relationship documents

  • Identity documents including birth certificate, baptism certificate, identity certificate, family register book, household registration document, certificate of change of name Marriage certificates or other acceptable alternatives such as a household registration document or a family registration book
  • Divorce documents or affidavits
  • Death certificates
  • Custody documents
  • Facilitation documents

Driver’s licences or motorcycle licences

  • Police clearances/Penal certificates
  • Medical documents including medical reports and medical certificates issued outside of Australia and required for medical treatment in Australia, including medical reports and medical certificates. Vaccination records
  • Educational documents

Academic certificates

  • Secondary school
  • Vocational training certificates
  • Tertiary certificates
  • Academic transcripts

Employment-related documents

  • Professional and trade certificates
  • Employment certificates
  • Employment references
  • Letters of appointment/Employment contracts

Note: An academic transcript is a document that records subject name and mark awarded. Documents that include lengthy course descriptions or comments on student performance are not accepted as academic transcripts. University syllabi or similar documents are not accepted for translation.

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